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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Third Post

Alright, our third post... let's see how it goes!

Ok, so what if the store opened a little late today, it wasn't because I was running late, but because we all gathered at Confederation Square in Peterborough for the Rememberance Day parade and ceremony.
It was a beautiful sunny morning and it was really nice to be surrounded by our community.  Thank you to everyone that showed up!  Strength is in numbers.

Back to store stuff.  Things are really coming along here.  We had Karen from Porcupine Creek Farm stop in to re-stock her amazing culinary herb blends (herbes de provence, poultry blend and Italian blend).  She grows all of her own herbs and they are certified organic.  Porcupine Creek Farm is located just South of Marmora.  Talk about supporting our local farmer!

With the herbs she grows, she also has a few tea blends in our store.  It's been so nice to walk to work in the frosty morning with a nice travel mug full of hot fragrant yummy tea.

She also dropped off a new product; it's "Kiss Winter Away!" lip balm.

If you want more information about her farm, please check out the website: Porcupine Creek Farm  maybe drop her a line and tell her how much you are enjoying her teas, herb blends and that new lip balm!

Cobi Zevenhoven 

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