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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Supporting LOCAL

I personally have been thinking about Christmas (or giftmas, however you want to look at it) since the end of September!  I love the holiday, I love winter and I love my friends and family's company.

Each year I try a little harder to source my gifts LOCALLY or as close to home as possible.  I even knit one blanket each year to give as a gift.

My partner really out did himself when 90% of my gifts from him were purchased in our hometown, made by him, or purchased really close to home.  I had all kinds of yummy preserves including honey, maple syrup (both sourced from Tall Tree Farm in Havelock), he made me a cutting board, wooden salad utensils, an amazing wooden serving platter with a brie baker (LOCAL goat's milk brie of course), a Wood Duck box, a canoe paddle and more.  You're probably starting think that I was spoiled last Christmas and I can honestly say that I was!

Not everyone has the ability to have a wood shop accessible, but the ideas were fantastic.  The gifts were all things that I can use.  The Wood Duck box was especially thoughtful because we put it up together and every winter when the creek freezes we can check to see if it was occupied and put fresh wood shavings in there.

Sometimes you just have to look a little harder or ask around to source things LOCALLY.  It makes you feel good distributing your money into our LOCAL economy and most of the time you get a conversation at the register.

Here's the part where I try to wheel you into our store.

We have just received LOCAL earthenware pottery made from a woman North of Port Hope, and dried flower/herb wreaths and potters made from a woman here in Peterborough.  They are so gorgeous, believe me!  We have LOCAL jewelry and other bits and bobs.

There are some neat and thoughtful gift ideas here.  For our one year anniversary event (on Saturday November 27th 10-4pm), we're showcasing a cleaning 'kit' from Swish that includes spray bottles of all purpose cleaner, glass & surface cleaner, bathroom/kitchen sanitizer, dish detergent, wood & laminate floor cleaner and cream cleanser . There's such a buzz about them in our store/office that I think staff have already called "dibs" on a lot of them, because they are great gifts and sourced in Peterborough to boot!  Make sure to get yours on the 27th because they will be on sale.

You should really come and check us out.  Surely you will find something to take home with you if it's our wares, a book or fact sheets from the resource centre.

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  1. You really were spoiled! He'll have to work really hard to outdo himself!