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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Are you as sick as I am of eating root vegetables?!  I'm not sure I can have another parsnip or carrot!  I gave up on carrots a few weeks ago.  The organic ones I was buying from the grocery store are surprisingly bland and not very sweet.

Do you know what else I'm sick of?  Boxed organic salad mix.  I am a very picky eater so when I get little bits of rotting lettuce in my salad mix, I'm turned off immediately.  I just want a fresh head of lettuce!  Is that too much to ask for?

I'm pretty excited about this new season we just arrived in.  This is when our lovely and very respected farmers (who are farming sustainably) are working away planting seeds for the upcoming growing season.

I just want some F.R.E.S.H produce.  I think I am going to build a cold frame for my fiance and I to start growing hearty greens.  We just received some really great books in the Green-Up Store and Resource Centre on traditional skills.  There's a little booklet on building cold frames.  I just need to purchase the materials, or see if I can find anything that would work by scouting around.
 If you're not growing your own food this year, then I think it's probably time to source out where you are going to get your local produce from.  Perhaps a CSA (community supported agriculture) in your area.  Here is an Ontario CSA Farm Directory.  Another option for you is By the Bushel Community Food Co-op here in Peterborough.  Check out there website too.

If you can't get to the farmers market on Saturday, those are a couple of great options for you.

There truly is nothing like fresh produce.  And local fresh produce?  Even better!

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