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Thursday, June 16, 2011

June's Featured Product

Our featured products of the month are Porcupine Creek Farm's Natural Sunscreen and Canadian Bush Spray.

Porcupine Creek Farm Natural Sunscreen is a great alternative to the chemical and toxic ridden sunscreen's that you find on the grocery or pharmacy shelves. 

How does Karen get an SPF rating in her natural sunscreen?  Karen says that " the SPF rating of the sunscreen is based on the weight of zinc oxide used with respect to the other ingredients."  Karen's sunscreen is a chemical-free, petroleum-free sunscreen containing only natural ingredients.  It is also safe for babies.

Porcupine Creek Farm's Natural Sunscreen is made locally.  The list of ingredients are: cocoa*, shea* & mango butter; zinc oxide; olive &jojoba oil; beeswax; calendula*, vitamin E & geranium essential oil (*organic)

Pocupine Creek Farm Canadian Bush Spray is also a great alternative to the chemical and toxic ridden bug sprays that you find on the shelves of most stores.

Karen's Canadian Bush Spray is made with all natural ingredients that include: witch hazel infused with catnip; essential oils of citronella, yarrow, rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, love leaf, catnip & geranium.

The spray is also safe for pets.

If you come into the store between June 13th - 25th you can receive 10% OFF on both items.

Other sale items include: culinary herb planters, mini friendship gardens, tote bags, organic cotton napkins and dish towels, mesh produce bags, herbal teas and herb blends, 6 pack of Swish Clean and Green cleaning pack (environmentally friendly), heirloom tomato seeds and more.

The emphasis of our sale items are that they are CANADIAN MADE.  Our June Summer Sale (13th-25th) is to celebrate Canada Day!

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